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circRNADb (version1.0.0), circular RNA (or circRNA) Database, is a comprehensive database for human circular RNAs with protein-coding annotations. It is freely available for non-commercial use. The latest version of this circRNA database contains 32,914 exonic circRNAs with 16,328 protein-coding annotations, of which 46 circRNAs from 37 genes were found to have their corresponding proteins expressed according mass spectrometry. circRNADb can be a valuable resource for large-scale studies of circRNA in humans.

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About circRNAs

Circular RNAs are a novel group of abundant, stable, and evolutionary conservative noncoding RNAs. Unlike linear RNA, circular RNA lacks 5' cap and 3' poly(A) tail, it is an RNA molecule with 3' and 5' ends covalently linked in a circle.

Recently, with the development of high-throughput sequencing technology, a large number of circRNAs have been discovered across species. These circRNA molecules were found to be evolutionary conservative, stable, and specifically expressed across tissues or developmental stages. It has been shown that they play important roles in gene regulation. Therefore circular RNA has become the hotspots in the current transcriptomics research field.